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MSM Services

We provide critical services that will benefit any company within the healthcare system. Our team of experts developed these services using bold and meticulous strategies.


Office Management

Includes creating and implementing standardized procedures and protocols to increase staff efficiency. Administration of a first-rate medical health record system. Developed technology which decreases procedural and material waste through the utilization of Lean Six Sigma principles.

Office Management
Revenue cycle management


Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Streamlined billing cycle processes to decrease delayed billing and payments. Claims are processed and billed to insurance within 24 hours of the patient’s chart being locked. Average 15 day payment from insurance companies via ERAs. Utilization of national data bank and clearing house to collect payments nationally. Automation of billing scrub cycle to identify billing errors prior to claims being submitted, decreasing denials and appeals.


Marketing and Public Relations

Develops relationships among medical and legal practices. Increases referral sources both incoming and outgoing. Capitation contract negotiations with all Nevada insurance providers.

Marketing and public relations
Upper-level health care management


Upper-Level Healthcare Management

Designed strategies to increase profitability and develop a successful infrastructure to build up for sale or merger. Provide experts in EBITDA to help increase and privatize equity sales.



Increases patient access to care with streamlined processes to convert 90% of patients within our practices to telemedicine. Development of centralized call centers occupied by trained physician ancillaries to increase daily patient volumes.


Patient Satisfaction Scores

Utilized for contract negotiations, used by CMS and MIPPS to evaluate level of care given. This is also directly tied to reimbursement payments.

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