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About MSM

Medical Systems Management (MSM), is a company that provides innovative strategies and crucial services to the healthcare industry. Our diversified team at MSM provides a broad range of services to our clients, including office management, procedures and protocols, customer service excellence, health record systems, marketing and public relations.

MSM management strategies are based on integrity, innovation, and marketing; coming up with novel innovative ways of leading a practice and conveying it to the audience effectively and accurately. MSM has a focused and standardized culture; treating all clients and employees with value and attention, just like family.

MSM sees a world that is in constant demand for medical growth and innovative solutions. We strive to be the company to set the tone for future generations.


  • In under 2 years, MSM has increased clinic revenue by 200% and decreased expenses by $200K.
  • Improved marketing conversion rate by 30%.
  • Previously sold a clinic for 3 points more EBITA than the clinic would have sold prior to MSM’s guidance.
  • Plug & Play infrastructure allows MSM to open fully functional clinics within 2 weeks by utilizing its robust technology and fine-tuned EHR system.

Dr. Pejman Bady

President and CEO of Medical Systems Management

Dr. Bady, a board-certified physician has immersed himself in the world of medicine for the past twenty-five years, keeping alive a tradition that has been in his family for generations. He has been a leader in medicine, research, business and education both locally and internationally. He has extensive experience in both for profit and nonprofit organizations, and his district ability to intertwine his knowledge of medicine and business acumen granted him a position as a medical director of one of the world’s largest healthcare companies, DaVita-Health Care Partners.


Dr. Bady was the founder and the owner of Advanced Medical Center (AMC) founded in 1998. A local company in Pahrump, Nevada that quickly became the city’s largest medical center. As the CEO of AMC he developed a complex matrix of care providers and systems that require institutionally focused oversight and coordination to achieve optimal, clinical and financial outcomes. Eventually AMC sold to DaVita-Health Care Partners, one of the largest healthcare companies in the world serving 160,000 patients with 2,100 medical centers spanning over 11 countries.

As the Lead Physician Medical Director of DaVita-Health Care Partners (HCP), Dr. Bady was on the medical executive board that had oversight of HCP’s entire business managing 203 primary care physicians in 102 locations and 1,700 specialists in Nevada. Dr. Bady’s scope of responsibilities translated to increasing market share in the region from $8M annually to $40M annually and became the most profitable region per capita and growth in the country for HCP. Amongst his greatest achievements has been the design of a 60,000 square feet state of the art eco-sensitive prototype building which is in full use currently in Pahrump, Nevada. This facility is the prototype that will be used for replication throughout the United States. The use of the building and a fully integrated electronic health record system helps to connect all of the HCP patients information in the US on one platform with an organized approach to patient safety, education and clinical excellence with cost savings of $200M annually nationwide.

Dr. Bady also served as the vice president of Global Health Pharmaceuticals, where his responsibilities included review and approval of procedures and protocols as well as quality control.

His leadership has been described as “a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”. Dr. Brady’s long and diverse work experience, excellent business skills and education, and his innate ability for organizational leadership, management, and coordination along with the guiding principles of his life of honor and integrity demonstrates a vision of success for clients and investors of his current group, Medical Systems Management.

Kathy Schultz

Chief Operations Officer

Kathy Schultz has worked in the healthcare field for over 20 years; during which time she learned the integral operations of both hospital and medical practice group settings. Kathy is a motivated Executive with experience leading through change and challenge. Her specialties include logistical complexities, policy and procedure revisions, and healthcare finance and operations.


Along with healthcare experience, she was formerly the director of operations for MGM Resorts International; this allowed her to develop the ability to coordinate large groups of staff as well as develop department Standard Operating Procedures.

Kathy earned a Masters degree with honors in Business Administrations from Grand Canyon University. Her high education and practical experience allow Kathy to leverage her extensive business knowledge and expertise to be a key contributor in the success of Medical Systems Management (MSM). Within two years, Kathy has risen from Senior Director of Finance and Operations to the Chief Operating Officer; an impressive personal achievement. Kathy provides innovation and versatility, among many integral qualities that MSM prides itself for.

Monique Buchanan

Chief Financial Officer

Monique is currently our Chief Financial Officer and has over 30 years of accounting experience. She received her Master of Business Administration, specifically in accounting, from the University of Phoenix. She has extensive knowledge and experience with international accounting, SEC reporting, manufacturing, and medical accounting practices all in accordance with US GAAP.

Sandy Kindler

Chief Financial Analyst

Sandy is a Navy Veteran who has over 25 years of bookkeeping and accounting experience. She has worked in the medical industry since 2005 and joined the MSM team in January 2011. Her responsibilities include all account receivables, accounts payable, payroll, and tax forms. Today, Sandy oversees the financial analysis for MSM and the multiple companies MSM manages.

Parisa Sahebi

Director of Marketing

Parisa Sahebi, PMP, has a Master’s of Science degree in Materials and Process engineering. After 7 years of working as an engineer and a project manager in the Aerospace industry, she changed the direction of her career to pursue her passion and creativity in the field of marketing and business development. Her expertise in leading teams and managing large size projects, along with her knowledge and further education in marketing and business development, makes Parisa a valuable member of the MSM team.

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